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Behringer products are well known throughout the audio industry, and they are probably best known for their extremely high quality studio monitors..

The speaker pair that is currently on offer (see image below) are in the author's opinion amongst the best of the best for VTPO work. Recently I installed a pair of Behringer TRUTH B2031As in a large church (I know it's not vTpo, but it's still relevant) using the St Anne's, Moseley sample set within Hauptwerk and just the internal sound interface from the PC's Asus motherboard to drive them, and the results were absolutely stunning.

The sound clarity has to be heard to be believed and because the units are self-powered, they only require line-level signals to drive them. A slight tweak to Hauptwerk to bring the output line-level 3dB above default and these little beauties adequately filled the church and then some! Imagine what you could do with two or three pairs! In fact a separate 15" sub-woofer was available to us, but we didn't have time to connect it before this review, and I have doubts that it will be needed. For 8" units, the B2031a is incredibly efficient, even at the LF end of the spectrum.

At around 250GBP for the PAIR, they are not 'el cheapo' and they certainly don't sound it, but in my opinion, they represent real value for money, and I have no hesitation in recommending them. This author can't wait to acquire some for his own project!!

Behringer TRUTH B2031A