WurliTzer 4-40 Specification

This page is dedicated to your webmaster's pet home project. A typical console in the WurliTzer 'French Style' is envisaged and plans are well ahead to construct such a 'beastie'. A photo of a 4 manual console from LTOT Stockport (UK) can be seen here.

As construction progresses, various aspects will be made available within these pages, including details of 'nut & bolt' console fabrication. Some general aspects are already covered in current sections of this website - click the tabs above to find them.

The instrument will 'live' in its own music room, in a bungalow on the South Coast of the UK. There will be four 'virtual chambers - Main, Solo, Percussion and Unenclosed, housing various loudspeakers including sub-woofers. Depending on type, speakers will either be driven by external amplifiers or by their own integrated amplifier (the preferred method). These will be distributed around the establishment and will be 'ported' as needed. Negotiation is underway with SWMBO for the necessary permissions!!!. Audio interface with the computer will use up to 4 x Delta 1010LT sound cards driven by a PC using Hauptwerk software and some samples from the Paramount 440 packages, as well as some from other sources. The organ definition is currently being written and may be made available at a later date.

The capture and control system is uMIDI from Artisan Instruments and the MIDI interface is the Xmidi 2x2 from Creative..

The stop specification is downloadable below in the form of a .xlsx file, viewable in Microsoft Excel.

Download the spec for the stops.

Download the Ranks spec.

These files are published without warranty or any certificate of authenticity.